Nursery Photos

I went in for another appointment on Thursday and everything looks good with the twins AND they’re both head-down now (yay!).  I hope they can stay that way, but we’ll have to wait and see.  I’m now at 31 weeks, so there are about 6-8 weeks left before they’re expected to arrive.  I met with a local pediatrician a couple of weeks ago and the office seemed like a good comfortable place that’s accommodating to emergencies/sick kids outside of their regular posted hours, which I’m sure will be nice!  It’s also in the same complex as the hospital where I’ll be delivering and my doctor’s office is right down the hall from the pediatric office.  The best part is it’s only a 5 minute drive from our new house.

We’re just about finished with the nursery now – just need to put a shelf up on the wall (as seen leaning against the dresser).  Below are some photos of the progress.  (Pardon the cats sneaking around everywhere!)  We’ve since received a changing table pad and 2 hand-crocheted baby blankets since we took these photos (thank you!).  I played around with some animal shapes to make the 2 different kinds of mobiles and my Mom was able to use her sewing and embroidery knowledge to make the some of those animals into cute plush wall hangings.  She also made the bright curtains, dust ruffles for the cribs, and linings for the storage baskets on the changing table.  I’m not sure if it’s the bright colors or our anticipation of the twins’ arrival, but the room just feels happy!  That big blue bed in the middle is for whomever gets night-feeding duty.  The cats love lying on it too, but unfortunately they won’t be much help in the feeding department.  It will likely be replaced with a rocker or glider before too long.  For the mobiles I tried to have the animals hang slightly “off” so they’d be angled enough for a kid below to see.  Since they’re made of flat plastic, they wouldn’t see much if each animal was hanging perfectly vertical.  The toucan is hanging almost upside-down, though.  Whoops!

I was reminded of this fun fact about having twins the other day: The mother’s blood volume DOUBLES while pregnant with twins, while mothers of “singletons” have an added 40% blood volume.  No wonder it’s easy to get tired.  The heart’s working overtime!

Also, here are links to our registries just for reference:  (We tried to source American-made items where possible) Universal registry


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