28 weeks and counting…

Had another perinatology appointment today and all is still going well with myself and the twins.  Baby A is 2 lb, 14 oz and Baby B is 2 lb, 9 oz… they’ve each gained about 1 pound in less than 3 weeks!  Go Team!  I brought home a couple of ultrasound print-outs again, but they look even MORE alien-like than last time (I was warned!).  Baby A, who was considered breech 2 weeks ago at my regular OB appointment, must have done some sort of somersault and is now vertex/head-down again while Baby B is in some fancy diver’s-pike-nose-to-your-toes breech position.  Maybe we have a future swimmer/diver/gymnast on our hands.  Baby A wins the award for the most kicks and punches (thankfully no painful ones yet).  They’re both starting out as athletes!

Also, I think we’ve narrowed down our choices for names (first and middle names – 2 for girls and 2 for boys).  We mostly likely won’t announce names until they’re born in case we change our minds at the last minute!

Hopefully we can post a few nursery photos in the next week or two.


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