Big Changes

Yesterday I had my next check-up in the morning.  Everything is going fine.  On the ultrasound screen, it looked like both babies are somewhat diagonal with their feet towards my right at the top and their heads pointing down.  Maybe they’ll stay that way for another couple of months and avoid the breech position!  Heartbeats were good and healthy.  I didn’t get any photo print-outs (sorry).  I can definitely feel kicking these days.  Once in a while I can see my belly move a little – pretty weird…  My doctor seemed comfortable with me having to move doctors when we get new insurance in August.  I guess it happens more often than I was thinking.

I’ve been doing some baby registry research… I’ve got one started, but I want to go over it a few times before sharing it with folks.  I think I’ve got a better handle on the confusing stroller/car seat situation.  There are so many options out there, I wasn’t sure what would be best/easiest, but I think the snap n go style with seats for when the babies are bigger is the way to go.

Yesterday afternoon we had the closing meeting for the house we bought.  It took a LONG time and I had to do some P.O.A. signatures that had to be entire sentences on half of the papers.  Had to shake my hand out some so it wouldn’t cramp up!  We started at 2pm and we didn’t leave ’till 5:30 because the lender was slow in wiring the $$… not sure why, but I hear that Fridays are a popular day to close, so they might have been swamped.  About half of the people who were there at the start of the meeting left before the end (they didn’t all need to stay anyways).  We got to chat with the sellers’ real estate agent some.  She had some neat stories about raising 6 kids in the house across the street from the one we bought!  Small world.  Of course, she could tell us some things about the local area and neighborhood too.  

SO, now we’re homeowners!  That’s a first for me.  The movers come Tuesday.  I hope we can get everything boxed up in time!  We’ll have lots of cleaning to do in this rental house before we schedule a walk-through.  The cats don’t quite get what’s going on… they’ve only lived in this one house (not counting any foster homes they had as kittens).  It might be a bit of a shock for them.

Back to packing!


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