We have “photos”!

My appointment yesterday went fine.  Mike came too so he could see the ultrasound images with me and ask any questions he could think of.  The blood test screening I had 2 weeks ago came back negative for Down’s Syndrome and the other disorders it tries to detect  so the doctor didn’t seem to think any additional testing of that nature (or more invasive) was needed (whew!).  He said that ultrasounds were better for identifying cleft lips and spinal defects anyways…  If you know what you’re looking at, I suppose.  I was lost most of the time looking at the ultrasound screen.  It’s really strange looking through them on the screen.

The lady doing most of the ultrasound did a lot of measuring and dubbed the babies “Baby A” and “Baby B” just for the record’s sake.  Baby A got its name because it was the lowest – would have been born first if that were to happen that day.  She said she’d do her best to not reveal their genders, but she couldn’t make any promises.  These kids kept moving around!  Baby A started out mostly on my right side, but had somehow moved so its head was more on my left side at one point.  In general, they said, twins usually stick to one side or the other, but can move around some.  She pointed out different parts of their brain that were developing and their 4-chambered hearts (we could see the 4 chambers!) and their stomachs.  We got to hear one of the baby’s heartbeats too!  It sounded like the heartbeat of someone who had just sprinted the 100 yard dash… 140 beats/min.  But she said that was normal and healthy.  She didn’t spot anything unusual about their upper lips or spines either.  They estimated that both babies weigh about 9 ounces right now.   I shipped out a 9.5 oz. package yesterday afternoon, and thought “so this is about what each of these kids weigh right now.”

The doctor said that twins usually are delivered between 36 and 37 weeks… so these kiddos will be September babes, most likely.

Here are a few shots from the ultrasound/sonogram yesterday.  They don’t really look like aliens and they do have all of their limbs even though they don’t appear to in these shots.  I figured it would be easiest to see/understand profile shots.

Anyways, we’re doing well and getting very close to choosing our lender for the house we made an offer on last week.  We’ll probably decide today or tomorrow.  This new place will have more room for the kiddos and the business, plus a cute attached greenhouse, fireplace, and a nice back deck.  House inspection is Friday and many other things will happen along the way to our June 8 closing day.


One thought on “We have “photos”!

  1. Thanks for sharing your blog & your exciting adventure with us! Love to you both. Paula & Don

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