It’s raining, it’s pouring…

There’s a hailstorm outside!  A good time to follow-up…  last week’s yoga class was good – nice and relaxing (one of the best parts about yoga, in my opinion), but I still felt like a got a bit of a workout.  I felt a little more involved in my community too since it’s hosted in one of our town’s rec centers.

Last Friday’s checkup went well too.  Got a lot of my questions answered and came to understand just what having a “high-risk” pregnancy means.  During the ultrasound, both babies were kicking and moving around, though I couldn’t feel it.  One of them was facing the “camera” and was opening and closing its mouth like it might have been breathing or pretending to be a fish (except without the fish face).  I think I saw it blink too – it was hard for me to tell.  Next time I’ll just try and wait for the doctor to tell me which end is the head so I don’t ask so many embarrassing or silly questions!  They have good steady normal-paced heartbeats which is always a good sign.  Unfortunately, there are no new ultrasound photos to share.  I forgot to ask and she didn’t print any as she was going along.  I go back in about a month for a more detailed ultrasound with some measurements of the little kiddos.  We’ll just have to keep reminding the doc’s that we don’t want to find out the genders till they’re born!


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