2012 Update

Since our last post, quite a few things have taken place!

  • Mike was promoted to Marketing Specialist at the credit union he works for.
  • Mike is now mid-semester in teaching a Plastics Materials and Processes class in an ID dept at a college downtown. He has a big interview/presentation this Friday for a tenure-track position in their department.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed!
  • We developed multiple new products for our online stores including Checkers Sets, Magnetic Photo Frames, Wall Art, Pet ID Tags, and Bingo Sets
  • We’ve added a number of new products from our suppliers including some additional Nutcrackers, Dance Apparel, Quilted Tote Bags, almost 50 dance book titles, Dance Class Music, and quite a few imported items we’ve put in the “Closeout” section of BalletGiftShop.com
  • We started a facebook page and tumblr blog for our Ballet Gift Shop online store… still working on getting more likes/followers.
  • We hired our first contractor to help prepare orders during the 2011 season (our biggest season yet!).
  • Made 600+ “Unit Decorations” for a division of the US Army.
  • Both of Mike’s siblings have moved to new apt’s.
  • Friends have gotten engaged and/or married and I can think of at least one new addition to the family in the past few months.
  • A snowy 2011-2012 winter.  There was at least one storm that left 16″ on the ground.  It’s easy to feel short in stature in that kind of weather!

Checkers Set  Ballet Bingo

Magnetic Photo Frame Peppers Quilted Ballerina Tote Bag

It’s 70 degrees out right now.  Springtime, here we come!


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