Hiking, Valentines, Grapefruit, and Kitties

Hiking around NCAR

Last Saturday we drove up to Boulder to visit the museum at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.  We’ve been visiting museums on Saturdays if we anticipate the mountains being too snowy for a good hike.  The NCAR museum had several interesting exhibits about the climate and phenomena like tornadoes and cloud patterns.   There was a good deal of stuff about global warming and climate change too.   They also had an exhibit along the staircase about the architect who designed the building.  The giant photo of the guy looked like a Chinese cousin of the dean from where we both got our Masters’… same black rimmed little round glasses.  We had just enough time to soak in the information.

There were some hiking trails around the property that connected with some Boulder Open Space trails.  It was a nice hike.  Snow and/or muddy on one side of the hills and dry on the other sides that got sun during the day.  We strolled through a nearby neighborhood too.

For Valentine’s Day, Mike planned a fun surprise trip to Golden and a nice Italian dinner at Tony Rigatoni’s.  We looked in the American Mountaineering Museum and strolled around downtown Golden. Here are some photos.

About 2 weeks ago, Mel told us that Sprouts was having a giant sale and practically giving away good food! Pita bread, sourdough, apple juice, oranges, yogurt, and GIANT grapefruits were on sale. It was a bit of a drive for us, but it was worth it:
Tons of groceries for only a little!

HUGE Grapefruit

checking out the goods...

Now some kitty photos to close with:
Smoejy enjoying the sunshine


Peppers wants out!




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